If crossing your fingers, praying, wishing and hoping are your secrets to increasing sales, you need the help of a good design house.  The hard work and talent required to increase sales is no secret–it’s just that some of us do it for a living.


There are plenty of good design studios: some large, some small.  Most are expensive; much too expensive for the small business or service to make use of them.  Enter Ed Myers Advertising & Design Associates.  A full-service agency for every business, with a particular focus on the small and start-up business.


We Get Results!


What are the results?  Phone calls, inquiries, questions, activity, and lots of it.  Good advertising and marketing get a “rise” out of people, intriguing them enough to pick up the phone or come into your place of business.  A ton of bad advertising doesn’t do any of this, and worse: it doesn’t do it VERY EXPENSIVELY.


Enter the Ad-Person. He or she is a person who has a passion for results.  Maybe you’re an Ad-Person.  A true Ad-Person has a lot of instinct for selling, for marketing, even if they didn’t study it in college.  They have intuitiveness and uses it.  They know why people buy everything from cupcakes to computers.  If they don’t, they ask the people who make them.  They know how to save money and get the best value for every dollar spent.  They get a kick out of selling a million widgets on a paper-thin budget. 


A few good Ad-People are at your disposal here at Ed Myers Advertising & Design Associates.

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